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Specialist Consultant


Business Analyst

There is a business promotion model that is right for every company and profession.

Fixed Price Projects

No surprise. You pay only what is agreed.

Within the expenses and in the right time

90% of projects are delivered without delay in line with your business plans.

Fast delivery times

30% of the projects delivered before the completion date.

Business Analysis

Predicting the success or a misstep of a company in the fascinating world of digital entertainment depends on the ability to read through financial information and predict the actions that will be taken.

Web Design

Web Design

Website Design and Implementation that best represents your business.

Social Positioning

Visibility on social platforms is crucial for a correct and complementary marketing strategy

Social Platforms

Business Process Optimization

The efficiency and the ability to adapt to the continuous evolution of the sector in which we operate determines the success in addressing market needs in a competitive way. Are you in compliance with the European legislation on data processing and protection (GDPR)?


Ogni azienda o impresa sostiene numerosi costi che nella maggior parte dei casi vanno ad inficiare i suoi utili.  Da oggi la consulenza di Roberto Serrano’ offre diverse strategie per aumentare il risparmio riducendo i costi della tua azienda o impresa e, allo stesso tempo, migliorare i guadagni.

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Business Processes Optimization
Roberto is a serious, competent, precise and punctual professional
wonderful professional, punctual, precise and prepared!

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